At Northeast Med Staff we’re all about flexibility — for both healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals who provide direct patient care. If you’re a nurse looking for employment options at exceptional facilities, or a facility manager searching for medical staff who can deliver high-quality care, you’ve come to the right place.

Facility Options

Need Caring Medical Staff?

Sudden staffing needs or changes in patient census can make operating efficiently challenging. We can provide top-notch health care professionals on minimal notice. Our staff is available for per-diem and term assignments

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Need Flexible Employment?

Want freedom from over-scheduling? Ready to be in charge of your time again while still delivering exceptional patient care? Join the team at Northeast Med Staff. Tell us when you want to work and we’ll make it happen.


We’re one of New England’s most trusted staffing agencies and a key partner with hospitals, rehab facilities, mental health facilities, home care agencies, skilled nursing, long term care, and adult day programs across New England.


We connect healthcare professionals with facilities that provide quality care for patients and residents. We serve your local community and have specialized in providing per-diem staffing solutions to New England nurses, nurse aides, and facilities for over 17 years.


We are a community-focused company that provides much-needed resources for facilities across New England. We commit ourselves to implementing our three company values: teamwork, accountability, and customer care. The dedication to our values has driven us to become one of New England’s most trusted staffing agencies.