About Us

Our Mission: 

Northeast Med Staff is a community-focused medical staffing agency that connects healthcare professionals with facilities who provide quality care for patients and residents. Northeast Med Staff isn’t just another medical staffing franchise. We serve your local community and have specialized in providing per diem staffing solutions to New England nurses, nurse aides, and facilities for over 16 years.  

We take an honest, dependable approach to nurse staffing. People that work with us trust us because of the strong relationships that we have with our employees and clients. 

Every day our goal is to give our nurses and facilities the very best experience working with us. We’re always looking to better our services, relationships, and policies to benefit our employees and clients. Let us know what we can do to better serve you. 

Our Values: 

At Northeast Med Staff, we pride ourselves in helping nurses find per-diem employment exceptional facilities, and helping facilities receive the high-quality care that they need. We are a community-focused company that provides much needed resources for facilities across New England.  

We commit ourselves to implementing our three company values: teamwork, accountability, and customer care. The dedication to our values has driven us to become one of New England’s most trusted staffing agencies. It is with this mindset that we continue our growth, hoping to someday provide these exceptional services throughout the country.    

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Mental Health/Psych Facilities
Med Administration
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Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care
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