Using Workforce Portal

Workforce Portal is a brand new application that is available to all of our employees. This convenient mobile application makes it easy for employees to request shifts, update availability preferences, and view schedules. The following blog post will give you some information on what the application will help you to do, and how to use it.

Using Workforce Portal: Northeast Med Staff’s Newest Staffing Software

Workforce Portal Profile:

Workforce Portal allows you to set up a personalized profile. Start by creating an email username and password. Then, you can personalize your preferences. These preferences allow you to choose the locations and times that you wish to work your shifts. Here, you can set your maximum distance that you would like to travel. You can also set the times of day that you would like to work and the preferred length of your shift. These options are customizable and work to be flexible with your busy life!

Requesting Shifts:

Similarly to how your profile allows you to set preferences, requesting shifts works the same way. Just enter the time period that you are looking to work (days, weeks, or even just weekends), and then the distance that you would like to travel. Our internal database will search for shifts based on your preferences, and you will be shown what is available to you on your dashboard. To request a shift, just click the checkbox and you are good to go!

Your Schedule:

Under this feature, you will be able to see all of the shifts that you are scheduled to work for a given week. Here, you can also mark the days that you are not available to work. This feature helps to keep you organized. You will always be able to what you have planned for the week!


This new technology is very exciting. We are looking forward to implementing it here at Northeast Med Staff. If you are having trouble accessing Workforce Portal, or if you need any additional help once on your account, please visit us at www.NEMedStaff.com, or call our in-office number at (978) 455 – 6907.

What Makes Northeast Med Staff Different?

When we say flexibility, we mean it! You can choose from Contact, Full-Time, Part-Time, Per-Diem

You may qualify for the following benefits:
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Paid Sick Leave
Paid CEU’s
Referral Bonus
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