Three Reasons Our Nurses Love Working for Northeast Med Staff

Around Valentine’s Day, love is in the air. We know that Northeast Med Staff nurses and nurse aides show love for their work every single day. We also know that they love working per diem. Staffing agencies allow nurses and nurse aides to have flexibility in their schedules, as well as giving them new work environments every day. The benefits of working per diem are endless. However, not all staffing agencies are the same. Northeast Med Staff stands out from its competitors by offering our  employees benefits that other agencies do not. We are a community-focused medical staffing agency that connects healthcare with facilities who provide quality care for patients and residents. With that, we strive to offer our nurses the highest quality benefits available. Here is a list of just some of the amazing perks of being a Northeast Med Staff nurse or nurse aide: 

Our Nurses and Nurse Aides Love Working for Northeast Med Staff!

Love Your Work

Going to work in the same facility day after day can become monotonous. Seeing the same faces, doing the same actions, and working the exact same hours can make you feel like you are in a rut. Working per diem allows you to vary what facilities you are going to. It helps to keep your day interesting. This change of pace can even prevent nurse burnout! Northeast Med Staff works to coordinate our nurses’ skills with the best facilities.

Love Your Schedule 

Schedule flexibility means the freedom to work the hours that fit into YOUR schedule. As a result, you are able to work the hours you want and use the rest of your time to do whatever it is that you love to do. Whether you have a family commitment, or are just taking some personal time to care for yourself, we have the flexibility you need!  

Love Your Benefits

Unlike many other staffing agencies, Northeast Med Staff provides all employees who work 35+ hours per week full medical, dental, life, and disability insurances, as well as 401k plans. But we don’t stop there. Additionally, part-time employees who work as few as 20+ hours per week are eligible to receive other voluntary benefits.  

These are just some of the many benefits of being a Northeast Med Staff nurse. To find out more about how to become a member of our team, click here! 

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Best New England Winter Activities For Days Off

New England is known for its long and cold winters. But, if you’re a New Englander, you’re probably used to it by now. Now’s the time to get outside and take advantage of all of the fun winter activities that New England has to offer! We’ve found the very best things for you to check off of your bucket list this season.

Snow Tube at Nashoba Valley

This is a super fun activity for both kids and adults! If you’re not a fan of skiing and snowboarding, this is much less physically grueling. Nashoba Valley is a great spot because it has tons of other winter activities and fantastic food!

Nashoba Valley
Nashoba Valley












Drink Gourmet Hot Chocolate

L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates has several locations across New England. They specialize in chocolate, so you know their hot chocolate is one of the best on the market. Don’t settle for watered down hot chocolate! They also offer coffee, specialty drinks, and pastries!

L.A. Burdick
L.A. Burdick








Catch a Flick in a Vintage Theater

The Luna Theater, located in an old mill, shows classics in a old school theater setting. Think: projectors, red felt movie seats, and nostalgic snacks. What’s better on a winter day than staying indoors and watching one of your favorites?

Luna Theater
Luna Theater









Sip Your Way Through The Connecticut Winter Wine Trail

Winter is the season cozying up with a glass of wine! But don’t grab your usual wine of choice. It’s time to go out of your comfort zone and try some new flavors! The CT Winter Wine Trail is the perfect way to discover some new favorites. And, for each winery you visit you are entered in a raffle to win a luxurious prize!

CT Winter Wine Trail
CT Winter Wine Trail










Experience Boda Borg

Here’s one of our most unique winter activities! Boda Borg offers is a “real world gaming environment” that puts you in charge. Players have a number of different choices in games, or quests that they can play. Each quest presents the player and his/her team with physical and mental challenges. Their Malden, MA location is rated 4.7/5 stars!

Boda Borg Malden
Boda Borg Malden














Dog Sled Through the White Mountains

You could drive around New Hampshire and look at the pretty winter scenery…Or you could dog sled through the wilderness and experiences the beauty up close and personal! Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel offers a family friendly experience. All of their proceeds go back to caring for their wonderful dogs!

Muddy Paw
Muddy Paw












Tour A Sugar House

Who doesn’t love maple syrup?! Take a trip to Lamothe’s Sugar House in Vermont and get the authentic experience. Discover how maple syrup is made and buy some of their syrup to make pancakes the next morning.

Lamothe's Sugar House
Lamothe’s Sugar House













Create Your Own Candle at Yankee Candle Village

Now it’s possible to create your very own unique candle scent! Yankee Candle Village encourages everyone to let out their creative side and discover the fun in candle making. The Village also offers Christmas year round, a toy shop, a country store, and delectable food options!

Yankee Candle Village
Yankee Candle Village














Visit Maine’s Top Ski Slope

At Sugarloaf, you get to experience the beauty and fun of a winter in Maine. Whether you want to ski, snowboard, or just hangout at the resort, Sugarloaf has something for everyone! This is the perfect winter family getaway.












When you work us, you get to be in charge of where and when you want to work. Don’t feel like driving over 30 minutes? Don’t like to work night shifts? That’s fine. This season, enjoy a flexible schedule with us and check these fun winter activities off of your bucket list. Apply with us today!





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Safety Tips For Winter

While it is important to practice safety year-round, winter is crucial. Snow and ice can cause falls, driving difficulties, and even health issues. Once the holidays have ended, winter enters its darkest and coldest months. January and February can contain snow, harsh winds, and bitter cold temperatures. Here are some of our favorite winter tips to help protect you from the elements.

Winter Safety

Safety Tips for Winter

1.) Travel Safety

One of the best parts about working per diem is the change of location. You are able to get a change of scenery and are faced with different tasks every day. While traveling does have its benefits, it can become a little more challenging in the winter. Depending on your travel preferences, your job location may change from day to day. When driving in poor weather conditions, it is important to stay alert. Pay attention to your surroundings, as well as to others who are on the road. Drive slowly; everything takes more time in the snow (stopping, making turns, even accelerating.) You do not want lose control of the vehicle on a slipper surface. Make sure that your tires have enough tread on them and are properly inflated. Click here to see more tips about how to drive safely in the snow.


2.) Pack Your Car for Winter

Snow in New England is like sunshine in Florida; it will happen. Make sure you have a snow brush somewhere in case a surprise snow storm comes. Also, it is a good idea to keep some rock salt, sand, or cat litter in your trunk. If your tires get stuck in the snow, these items will help. Just spread some around your tires to help melt the snow. As an added bonus, keeping these heavy bags in your trunk can help you to gain traction if you should get stuck. As mentioned previously, it is also smart to keep some warm clothes in your car. An extra hat, coat, gloves, sweatshirt, or even a blanket can be helpful. If your car gets stuck anywhere, these items will help you to stay warm while you are waiting for help.


3.) Bundle Up

While this probably goes without saying, it is important to stay warm. Whether you are heading out for an early morning shift, or coming home from a late shift, it is going to be freezing outside. Be sure to wear layers. Additionally, it is a good idea to keep extra layers in your car or your work bag. This way, you have access to extra clothing just in case you need it. If you are placed in a facility where the temperatures are cold, or if you are waiting for public transportation, you will have extra clothing in case you need it.


4.) Practice Shoveling Safety

Similar to our blog on Leaf Raking, form is very important. If possible, try to push the snow rather than lift and toss it. If you do have to lift the snow, remember to lift heavy loads with your knees and not your back. Pulling the snow up with your back can cause muscle strain and pain. Remember to take frequent breaks and re-hydrate often. It may be tempting to shovel out everything all at once, but it is important to give the body time to rest. Overworking yourself can cause pain, exhaustion, and dehydration.


Winters in New England can be very beautiful; the snow-covered trees, the white mountain tops, and the sparkling winter snow are unique to this area. When you practice these winter safety tips, you will be able to enjoy the season to its fullest extent.

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