Is Working Per Diem Right For You?

If you work in the healthcare field, you’ll have the option to work per diem. Per diem jobs have become increasingly popular over the years because of the many benefits they offer to healthcare employees. So, is per diem right for you? If you’re considering a per diem position, its important to do some research on the pros and cons that come with it. Here’s a checklist to help you decide whether this type of employment is a good fit.

Is Working Per Diem Right
Is Working Per Diem Right

You Have Trouble Balancing a Busy Schedule

When you work long and weird hours, sometimes its impossible find a work-life balance. When everyone else is asleep, you’re awake, and vice versa. This makes it difficult to get your other daily tasks done, but per diem work allows you to easily navigate a crazy schedule. You’re able to pick up shifts when you have the time, and continue to be off the clock when you don’t have the time.

You Feel Burned Out

When you have a million other things to deal with on top of your job, it’s hard to find time for yourself. If you ignore self care for months or even years, it’s inevitable that you’ll get burned out. Being burned out makes doing a job that you once loved, unenjoyable. However, when you work per diem, it allows you to make time for yourself and maintain the passion that you have for your profession.

You Want More Control Over Your Hours

Being employed full time means sometimes working shifts that you don’t want to work. Choose your shift preferences and the amount of hours you would like to work. Per diem allows you to be in charge of your schedule.

You’re Bored at Your Facility

If you’re tired of working at the same old unit every day, stop asking yourself, “Is per diem right for me?” This means it’s the perfect choice for you! When you work per diem, you have tons of different types of facilities to choose from. Your skills are valuable at many other places other than where you currently are.

You Want to Grow Your Skills

Being in healthcare, its difficult to fit continuing education into your priorities. Many per diem staffing agencies offer their employees skills and certification training for free. Work for a company that values your continued growth.

You Don’t Like a Long Commute

Stop commuting over an hour to your facility when there’s open jobs available right in your neighborhood. Take advantage of the opportunities close to home and work per diem.

If you checked everything off of this list, it’s time to work per diem. Don’t keep questioning “Is per diem right for me?” Live a happier life, with control over your schedule and profession. You won’t regret it!

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Using Workforce Portal

Workforce Portal is a brand new application that is available to all of our employees. This convenient mobile application makes it easy for employees to request shifts, update availability preferences, and view schedules. The following blog post will give you some information on what the application will help you to do, and how to use it.

Using Workforce Portal: Northeast Med Staff’s Newest Staffing Software

Workforce Portal Profile:

Workforce Portal allows you to set up a personalized profile. Start by creating an email username and password. Then, you can personalize your preferences. These preferences allow you to choose the locations and times that you wish to work your shifts. Here, you can set your maximum distance that you would like to travel. You can also set the times of day that you would like to work and the preferred length of your shift. These options are customizable and work to be flexible with your busy life!

Requesting Shifts:

Similarly to how your profile allows you to set preferences, requesting shifts works the same way. Just enter the time period that you are looking to work (days, weeks, or even just weekends), and then the distance that you would like to travel. Our internal database will search for shifts based on your preferences, and you will be shown what is available to you on your dashboard. To request a shift, just click the checkbox and you are good to go!

Your Schedule:

Under this feature, you will be able to see all of the shifts that you are scheduled to work for a given week. Here, you can also mark the days that you are not available to work. This feature helps to keep you organized. You will always be able to what you have planned for the week!


This new technology is very exciting. We are looking forward to implementing it here at Northeast Med Staff. If you are having trouble accessing Workforce Portal, or if you need any additional help once on your account, please visit us at, or call our in-office number at (978) 455 – 6907.

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How to Prevent Nurse Burnout

As many as 34 percent of hospital nurses and 37 percent of nursing home nurses report feeling burned out. Burnout for nurse aides and CNAs is also very high, leading to turnover of around 43 percent. For someone that works in the healthcare industry, its important to take the steps to prevent burnout before you start suffering its effects such as chronic fatigue, feeling of apathy, physical illness, etc. We’ve compiled some of the most effective ways for eliminating nurse burnout, that you can implement into your everyday routine.

Prevent Nurse Burnout
Prevent Nurse Burnout

Speak Up

In nursing, there is a lot of pressure to pick up extra shifts or to work additional hours. From time to time, this is okay. What’s wrong with a little extra money in your pocket? However, constantly overworking yourself is one of the biggest cause of nurse burnout. When you really don’t feel like working overtime, say something. You’ll be glad that you did once you’re able to get a few, much needed, extra hours of sleep.

Enjoy the Little Things

It’s easy to get lost in the minutiae of your day to day routine. Find some little things to find joy in throughout the day. Maybe it’s listening to your favorite songs on the way to work, or enjoying the weather while walking into your facility.

Make Time

If you don’t reserve time to do the things that you want to do, then other people and activities will take over your time. Remind yourself that this is your life that you’re living and that you deserve to set aside time to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do, but never have gotten around to it.

Practice Self Care

You spend the entirety of your profession caring for others. Now its time to make it a goal to set aside time for self care on the daily. There are many ways that you can practice self care from giving yourself a spa day, to doing a yoga class, to learning a new hobby. Whatever refuels your energy, make time to do it!

Have a Reminder

What initially sparked your interest for being a nurse? Who was one of your most memorable mentors? What was one of your biggest impact on a patient or resident? Find a token that represents these moments to hold with you every day so that you can remember these moments. These are the moments that will spark your passion and remind you to keep going.

Find an Outlet

Hobbies and interests act as a getaway from daily hardships. One or two days a week, reserve some time to do the hobby that takes your mind off of things. You’ll wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Make Healthy Choices

How you maintain and nurture your health can have a big impact on your stamina. Poor health leads to getting burned out faster and for longer periods of time. Once you start making healthy choices, you’ll feel way more energized and have the ability to take on those long and stressful shifts.

Work Per Diem

Working per diem allows you to be in charge of your schedule. Work the shifts you want, at the facilities you want. Having a flexible schedule is extremely valuable to those in the healthcare industry, because it’s something that’s not always an option when working full-time. Work per diem and take control of your work-life balance.

Nurse burnout has a serious impact on nurse turnover, patient satisfaction, and the quality of patient care. As a whole, those in the industry should take more steps to actively avoid burnout. This way, we can maintain our passion for caring for patients and residents, while providing a safer experience for everyone involved.

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