10 Hilarious Nurse Quotes to Get You Through the Week

Laughter is the best medicine! When life and work get hard, be optimistic and try to find the humor in it all. So, take a minute to read these hilarious nurse quotes, and add some laughter to your day!

  1. Ahhhh yes, the Golden Rule!Nurse Quote #1- Nurse Rule Number 1: Never Look Freaked Out
  2. Sometimes someone just has veins that are so nice…you can’t help but look. You’re not creepy though! It’s all for science!Nurse Quote #2 - Ever find yourself admiring a stranger's veins?3. Night shift workers are a special breed of nurse! Even they need a vacation sometimes.
    Nurse Quote #3 - Night shift workers on vacation be like4. Understandable…You gotta do what you gotta do to get some peace and quiet. Nurse Quote #4 - Keep Out! Nurse Sleeping! Do Not Disturb!5.  To all the people that think nurse and nurse aide jobs are easy because they’re not a 9 to 5…Nurse Quote #5 - Of course I'm not tired. I only work three days a week. Said no nurse ever.6.  Don’t jinx it! Please don’t jinx it!Nurse Quote #6 - The look you give when someone says, "It sure is quiet."7. Scrubs can be worn out to date night right? Nurse Quote #7 - When you try to look cute but you don't know what to wear if it's not scrubs8. Remembering just now to get that guy a glass of water. Should I drive back to work?

    Nurse Quote #8 - I forgot to get that one guy a glass of water!9. The hidden benefits of being a nurse/nurse aide and a mother. Nurse Quote #9 - I'm sorry, honey. Mommy is a nurse, so we only go to the doctor when we're dying.10. Northeast Med Staff makes sure that this doesn’t happen to your facility.Nurse Quote #10 - When I get to work...and we are three nurses short.



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