Ways to Raise Awareness During Alzheimer’s Month

Alzheimer’s affects over five million people across the country. Unlike many other diseases, Alzheimer’s is unique because it impairs one’s memory. Loved ones that could once recite their whole phone book, now can’t even recognize some of their own family members.

Raise Awareness
Raise Awareness

That’s what makes this disease so much more difficult to deal with emotionally. However, that’s even more of a reason to take the initiative and join the mission to end Alzheimer’s. September is National Alzheimer’s Month. Take this as an opportunity to get your facility, residents, families, and staff involved in the cause.

Decorate Your Bulletin Board

Show that your facility recognizes the importance of raising awareness and decorate your bulletin board in purple ribbons and lettering. Post facts about the disease, as well as ways to prevent it, and information on how people can support the cause. Families and friends that visit your residents will take note. It’s important to inform people about the disease, even if they have not been affected by it.

Ask Your Staff to Wear Purple

On Alzheimer’s Day, September 21st, ask that all of your staff wear purple. Purple is the color that represents the disease, spreads awareness, and signifies a will to fight. Put your facility and all of your staff behind the movement. It’s something almost everyone has been affected by – whether a family or friend has had it. Give your facility the opportunity to stand for something, beyond your normal day to day activities.

Care for Alzheimer’s Residents

Show your residents affected by Alzheimer’s how much you love them. Give out a small present or card to your residents, or  ask their family to come in and visit for a day. A little effort goes a long way in improving the life and satisfaction of an Alzheimer’s patient. Teach your staff to give these patients genuine, selfless care all year round.

Start a Donation Can

Get all of your visitors, families, and residents involved in fundraising! Put out a donation can in the front of your facility and give out prizes to those that donate a certain amount. Fundraising is extremely important because it helps researchers discover treatment options and eventually a cure.

Offer Your Expertise

It is likely that many people in your community are affected by Alzheimer’s, whether they are taking care of a loved one, or visit that loved one often. Your staff are highly trained to provide care for the disease, improving the quality of life for that person. Hold an open house informational session, and give tips on how to care and communicate with someone that has Alzheimer’s. Your community will be extremely grateful.


September is the month to remember our loved ones affected by this disease. Do your loved ones a favor and participate in Awareness Month. Even a small effort can make a difference in the fight to end Alzheimer’s.

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Top 5 Job Benefits That Employees Really Care About

Job benefits can make or break a job position. They can have a huge influence on whether a possible applicant applies, whether a candidate takes the job, and whether a current employee stays at their job.  Stay competitive with your benefits in order to attract and retain the very best talent.

Top 5 Job Benefits That Employees Really Care About
Top 5 Job Benefits That Employees Really Care About

We’ve gathered the top five job benefits that employees today care about:

1.) Health Benefits

It’s no surprise that health benefits are at the top of the list. Most people care about their health, especially those in the medical field! Give your employees comprehensive plans with multiple options. Even though some people want family plans, others may not. It’s extremely important to give your employees quality choices, for every price level.

2.) Work-Life Balance

Nowadays, we are expected to work while also balancing family and friend commitments. Facilities that do not give their staff proper work-life balance, are allowing their staff’s motivation to suffer. Working too many hours, too long of shifts, and overexerting oneself at work can lead to burnout.

Burnout leads to more serious conditions and also lowers the amount of positive patient outcomes. Motivate your staff and give them flexibility in their schedule.

3.) Choice of Location

A long, traffic-filled commute every day kills an employee’s motivation. Give your staff the option to switch it up! Offer them the ability to switch facility locations, and float between locations. Working closer to home makes a huge difference in someone’s day.

4.) Assignment Variety

Many nurses and nurse aides want to be exposed to a variety of medical settings. This allows them to get a vast amount of experience, while also eliminating the monotony of working at the same facility every day. Facilities that work with agencies are likely to have a highly motivated staff, because of the constant change of work setting.

5.) Shift Autonomy

What’s more convenient than being able to chose what shift you work? Nurses and nurse aides value being able to request their preferred shifts, and preferred days of the week to work. Listen to your employees and give them a say in their position.

It’s extremely important to take the time and consideration in choosing top notch job benefits. Keep in mind these efforts will help you recruit and retain employees. Show that you’re listening to your staff and making the efforts to accommodate their preferences. You’ll have a happier staff and happier patients!

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How Flexible Work Schedules Will Revamp Your Facility

The healthcare industry is thriving, and many areas are flooded with multiple healthcare facilities. Hundreds of options are available to those in the market for a nursing home, assisted living facility, etc. How do you set your facility apart from the competition? It starts with implementing flexible work schedules.

How Flexible Schedules Will Revamp Your Facility
How Flexible Schedules Will Revamp Your Facility

Here’s just a few aspects of your facility that flexible work schedules will enhance:

Staff’s Job Satisfaction

People’s values regarding work are vastly different today than they were just a couple years ago. Ultimately, people want work schedules that cater to their personal preferences and family obligations. In fact, employment professionals listed “flexible work schedules,” as the most important non-health benefit for employees.

Your staff may want to work close to home, or work while the kids are in school. Allow them to work where and when they want.

When your employees are in control of their schedule, they are less likely to get burned out. Job performance, compassion for patients, and passion for nursing soar. In return, your facility has less turnover, lower hiring costs, and an overall happier staff.

Patient Outcomes

The key to owning a successful facility is producing a high number of positive patient outcomes. When people choose your facility, they want to know that they’re choosing a place that will work tirelessly to better their health.

With your staff motivated and energized from their flexible work schedule, their accuracy in caretaking will skyrocket. Nurses and nurse aides will have the time to ensure they are giving each patient the right health regimen.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient outcomes and patient satisfaction go hand-in-hand. Motivated staff take more time to build relationships with patients. Socializing with patients is not required for nurses. However, a simple conversation can improve a patient’s day. Patients feel much more satisfied when they feel like they are getting immense care and attention.

Your Ranking

Happy patients and happy staff will act as advocates for your facility. Ask them to refer your facility to people that they know in need of medical care. Request that they write online reviews of your facility and like your social media pages.

The community will notice your efforts to provide the best experience to your staff and to your patients. This reflects in how people talk about your facility. Set your facility as the example for others, and apart from the hundreds of other facilities in your area.

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