How to Retain Your Superstar Staff

Nowadays, in the healthcare industry, job turnover is higher than ever.  A study by Compdata Surveys, found the average turnover in healthcare jobs in 2017 was 20.6%, which is a frightening figure for facilities. Healthcare professionals have vast amounts of job opportunities available to them. This drives turnover and forces healthcare facilities to compete with each other to source and retain talent. So, how do you retain your superstar employees? We’ve got the answers!

How to Retain Your Superstar Staff
How to Retain Your Superstar Staff

Create a Positive Culture

Your employees want to work at a place that shares an interest in their own values and goals. Show your employees that you care about what they care about. Lead your staff to reaching a shared goal, and have fun with them on the journey!

Give Extra Job Benefits

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. Bring free snacks and drinks into the office. Offer half days occasionally. These extra benefits cost little to you, and have a large payoff! Employees will come to work motivated and eager to work.

Develop Relationships With Employees

Each one of your employees has a life outside of work. Celebrate their birthdays, engagements, and other exciting events! If your employees are going through tough times personally, make sure to acknowledge that and try to accommodate their needs to the best of your ability.

Show Your Appreciation

Recognize the little accomplishments. This will inspire your staff to keep pushing to achieve your company’s big goals. People enjoy working for companies that value their employees’ hard work and dedication.

Prevent Burnout Before it Happens

Overworking your staff is not effective in the long run. Burnout prevents your staff from performing at their very best. Make sure you’re providing your staff with the opportunity to get the proper rest that they need. One way to do this is to utilize supplemental staffing services.

Be Open to Feedback

Let your employees speak from their point of view. This will be extremely helpful to you because it will let you know what’s working out, and what’s not.

With these efforts, you’ll prevent the high costs of turnover, sourcing, and hiring. Your staff goes above and beyond to give your patients a positive experience, so give them the job experience that they desire! It’s a win-win for everybody!


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Reflecting on 2018, Welcoming in 2019!

In the blink of an eye, 2018 has came and went. And what an eventful year it was for us at Northeast Med Staff! It’s crazy how much we’ve grown within a year! Every day we’ve been working towards perfecting our services for our nurses and for our clients.  Now, as the year is coming to an end, it’s time for us to reflect on what we’ve accomplished and set our goals for 2019.

Expansion into CT, VT, and ME

We traveled across New England, gathering feedback from all of our facilities and were able to grow our operations into Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine! In the New Year, our employees have even more opportunities and shifts to choose from.

Rewarding Our Staff

In every month of 2018, we picked out one nurse that gave it his/her all that month and rewarded them with Employee of the Month, along with some other gifts. Our employees are superstars and we like to make sure that they feel like superstars!

Employee of the Month Gloria
Employee of the Month Gloria

Internal Growth

Our recruiter, James, and our compliance manager, Deb got CSP certified. They are now experts on the staffing industry. We’re so proud of them! 

We also hired a staffing coordinator, Breanne, and a new account manager, Stephanie. They have already contributed so much throughout their first few months here.

Internship Program

We began our very first internship program in May! We hired two marketing interns from UMass Lowell, who helped us revamp our social media. We ended up keeping them on our team, part-time throughout their semester!


Defining Our Purpose

We defined our company’s purpose statement: “Northeast Med Staff is a community-focused medical staffing agency that connects healthcare professionals with facilities who provide quality healthcare to patients and residents.” We also defined our main three values as “Accountability, Customer Care, and Teamwork.”

These values will help guide us in our future ventures in 2019!

Walk to End Alzheimer’s

In September, we raised awareness during Alzheimer’s Month by participating in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. It felt great to be able to give back to the community as a company! We will definitely be giving back in 2019 as well!

Alzheimer's Walk
Alzheimer’s Walk

Sweet 16th Birthday

In November, we celebrated our 16 years of being in business! For the occasion, we posted pictures on our social media of what our employees where doing 16 years ago and what they looked like

Holiday Giveaway

We ended 2018 with a holiday giveaway! We gave 7 of our hardworking nurses, $25 Market Basket gift cards. We are passionate about going above and beyond for our employees!

Improving Your Experience

We are proud to say we offered free CPR and Dementia training to all of our employees. We love helping our staff further their careers and their knowledge!

CPR Training
CPR Training

We collected your feedback about your experiences working at Northeast Med Staff. We listened to what you want to see and what we can improve on. We have taken your suggestions and are working on implementing them in 2019!

Thank you for believing in us throughout 2018! Our nurses, nurse aides, and clients are the reasons why we can continue to grow as a company. In 2019, we hope to grow into more states and offer even more fantastic opportunities to our nurses. We hope to continue to make your experience working for us and with us amazing.

What did you achieve this year? How did you grow as a person? And what do you want to accomplish in 2019?

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5 Fun Resident Activities to Stimulate the Brain

As patients grow older, it’s extremely important to take measures that prevent mental disorders such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Keeping the brain stimulated, prolongs and improves the quality of life in elderly people.

5 Fun Resident Activities to Stimulate the Brain
5 Fun Resident Activities to Stimulate the Brain

An easy way to keep your resident’s minds sharp is to offer activities that are fun and also mentally challenging. Here’s some activities that you can start using at your facility today:

Offer Cooking Classes

You may be surprised, but cooking stimulates multiple parts of the brain! This is because cooking involves using touch, sight, tastes, and smell senses. It’s likely that many of your residents really enjoyed cooking in their past. Let’s reignite their love to learn new recipes!

Host Family Game Nights

Invite residents and their families to a night of fun! Help sharpen their memories by introducing games like trivia, Family Feud, Jeopardy, etc. These games will get everyone thinking critically.

Start a Book Club

Book clubs are a fantastic way for residents to connect with other residents, while giving their brain a work out. Members can take turns reading the book out loud, and listening to others read the book. This ignites imagination, members can picture how the story would play out in their heads.

Teach Art Classes

Art is able to activate a key parts of the cerebral cortex, associated with nonverbal queues and emotion. Encourage your residents to create art with drastic color differences, textures, and forms to stimulate different areas of the brain. This will give your residents the ability to express themselves in a fun and meaningful way.

Have a Board Game Tournament

Board games such as Scrabble, Jenga, and Monopoly all activate different parts of the brain. This is a fun way to sharpen your residents’ brain and get a little competitive!

Get your residents active and engaged at your facility! There are many easy and fun ways to prolong brain abilities for elderly people. Your residents and their families will be thankful for all of your efforts.






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