Working Per Diem During the Holidays

The holidays can be hectic; shopping, cooking, preparing for the New Year. Adding work and family life on top of that can add even more stress. Thankfully, working per diem has the benefits that you need to make the most of your holiday season. Here are just some of the ways that working with a staffing company can help to decrease the stress of the holidays:


How Working Per Diem Can Help You Make The Most of This Holiday Season

Schedule Flexibility

In the staffing world, this term comes up frequently. The ability to pick and choose your own hours allows for you to work when you need to, and take time off when you want to. As a result, you have the option to choose your own availability. If you don’t want to work the weekend of Thanksgiving, you have the ability to take it off. If you want to work on Christmas Day, you can do that, too! You only have to work the shifts that suit your personal needs. Once the holidays are over, you can jump right back into the day-to-day grind; or not! You have the power to choose.

Extra Cash

The holidays are expensive. Planning family meals and buying gifts can add up quickly. By working per diem, you can pick up shifts whenever you need to. These extra shifts can help lessen the financial burden that the holidays can bring. At the brink of cold and flu season, nurses are going to be in high demand. As a result, we will have several shifts available for you! If you are interested in taking on some extra shifts, just give your staffing coordinator a call! Our dedicated staff will help to find the balance that is right for you.

Your Nursing Family

Whether you are working in a hospital, an assisted living, or a long-term care facility, the nurses you work with can become like family. Around the holidays, it is important to acknowledge how important you all are to each other. Enjoy the holiday season by celebrating with the people who mean the most to you; your friends, your family, and your coworkers.  

On behalf of everyone at Northeast Med Staff, we wish you all happy holidays, and a safe and healthy New Year.  

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Per Diem Nursing Spotlight: New Hampshire

Northeast Med Staff offers a variety of nursing positions throughout New England. This week, we are featuring one of the states that we first expanded into – New Hampshire! New Hampshire is filled with everything from natures walks and mountains to urban areas and fine dining. One of the perks of working per diem is that you get to choose when you work and when you take time off. So in your off time, here are some fun activities to do in New Hampshire!

Per Diem Nursing Spotlight: New Hampshire

Things to Do:

Santa’s Village – no matter what time of year, at Santa’s Village, it is Christmas year-round! This is a fun place to take your children, or to just let your inner child out! With a full amusement park, reindeer, and Santa’s own workshop, you will have a day full of fun!

Canobie Lake Park – located in Salem, New Hampshire, just over the Massachusetts border, this theme park is a great place to spend a day off! Enjoy the rides, shows, and fireworks with your family or friends.

Visit the City of Portsmouth – this scenic area has some old English flare. Enjoy the shops, amazing restaurants, or even watch a play! Located right on the water, Portsmouth, New Hampshire is an inexpensive day trip that everyone will love!

Things to See:

Mount Washington  – Visit the tallest mountain in all of New Hampshire. A great day trip with the family, this mountain is perfect for a nice drive. It is a beautiful location for sightseeing!

Franconia Notch State Park – perfect for those who are outdoorsy, this state park has all sort of fun activities! From hiking and fishing to skiing and snowboarding, this is the perfect place to stop for fun year-round!

Lake Winnipesaukee – Even more outdoor activities! New Hampshire is famous for their hiking trails, campgrounds, and fishing sites, and Lake Winnipesaukee fits right in! Spend a relaxing day on the lake beach, take a boat ride across the lake, or just hang around and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. There is something for everyone to do here!

Places to Eat:

The River House – a casual seafood restaurant with an amazing view, this is one of the most well-known local favorites. Try a bowl of their multi-award winning seafood chowder!

Lui Lui – with two locations in New Hampshire, this is the perfect family-style restaurant for you and your family. Serving classic Italian pizza and pasta, you are sure to love it!

La Carreta – Mexican Restaurant – some of the most authentic Mexican food in the area, La Carreta is a regional favorite! With several locations across the state of New Hampshire, you will never be too far from some of the best Mexican food you will ever have!


So what are you waiting for? To find out more about how you can become a member of the Northeast Med Staff nursing team and work in the beautiful state of New Hampshire, click here!


*Northeast Med Staff is not affiliated with any of the locations or activities listed above.

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Five Applications That Every Per Diem Nurse Needs

In the age of technology, you can find an application for just about anything. Application stores on your smartphone contain everything from games, to shopping websites, to social media. Some applications are created specifically for nurses. After conducting some research, we found five of the most helpful applications for per diem nurses.   

Five Free Mobile Apps That Every Per Diem Nurse Needs


Any mapping software can be helpful when you are unsure of where you are going. Waze, however, works to create a driving route that avoids traffic, road work, and car accidents to ensure that you get to your destination as quickly as possible. With step-by-step directions that are available in a variety of languages, Waze will help you get to where you are going. As a per diem nurse, driving to a new location can be stressful. Take some of that stress away by letting a GPS service map your route for you. This will help you to get to your destination in no time at all. And by using the shortest possible route, you may even be saving on gas!   

Gas Guru

Speaking of travelling, filling up your gas tank will be inevitable. Gas Guru is an application that scopes out the cheapest gas prices in the area, and then supplies you with a map to show you their exact location. As a per diem nurse, travelling is going to be a big part of your career. Help yourself save a few bucks by locating the most affordable gas, even in areas that you are not totally familiar with.  

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest

These are the “core four” social media applications that every nurse needs. Each of these apps has their own specific use, but in general, they help nurses to stay connected with the world around them.  Many hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities are active on social media. By liking their pages, you will be able to stay up-to-date with their company news. Additionally, you can connect with other nurses on social media to create your own little nursing “community.” As a per diem nurse, it may be difficult to form lasting relationships with other nurses because you are moving in and out of hospitals so frequently. However, by staying connected on social media, you will be able to network with the nurses that you have met in all of your work locations! 


Many staffing companies have switched over to “digital” timesheets. At Northeast Med Staff, we use the CamScanner application for this purpose. With this application, nurses are able to take a picture of their completed timesheets. The app converts the picture into a file that is ready to email. Our nurses are then able to email the converted picture directly from the CamScanner application. This is not only more efficient than dropping off your timesheet to the office, but it is also better for the environment.  

Nursing Dictionary

This is a reference application that is made specifically for nurses. It offers medical definitions, information on prescription drugs, and a drug guide for over the counter medications. If you are a new nurse, this application can help you sort through terms that you may not yet be familiar with. If you are an experienced nurse, this application will be a great refresher for you.  

In recent years, smartphones have proven to be the wave of the future. With the ability to access the entire world at your fingertips, looking for applications can feel overwhelming. With the help of some of the applications listed above, it is our hope that we can help you make working a per diem shift as easy as possible.  

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