How to Retain Your Superstar Staff

Nowadays, in the healthcare industry, job turnover is higher than ever.  A study by Compdata Surveys, found the average turnover in healthcare jobs in 2017 was 20.6%, which is a frightening figure for facilities. Healthcare professionals have vast amounts of job opportunities available to them. This drives turnover and forces healthcare facilities to compete with each other to source and retain talent. So, how do you retain your superstar employees? We’ve got the answers!

How to Retain Your Superstar Staff
How to Retain Your Superstar Staff

Create a Positive Culture

Your employees want to work at a place that shares an interest in their own values and goals. Show your employees that you care about what they care about. Lead your staff to reaching a shared goal, and have fun with them on the journey!

Give Extra Job Benefits

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. Bring free snacks and drinks into the office. Offer half days occasionally. These extra benefits cost little to you, and have a large payoff! Employees will come to work motivated and eager to work.

Develop Relationships With Employees

Each one of your employees has a life outside of work. Celebrate their birthdays, engagements, and other exciting events! If your employees are going through tough times personally, make sure to acknowledge that and try to accommodate their needs to the best of your ability.

Show Your Appreciation

Recognize the little accomplishments. This will inspire your staff to keep pushing to achieve your company’s big goals. People enjoy working for companies that value their employees’ hard work and dedication.

Prevent Burnout Before it Happens

Overworking your staff is not effective in the long run. Burnout prevents your staff from performing at their very best. Make sure you’re providing your staff with the opportunity to get the proper rest that they need. One way to do this is to utilize supplemental staffing services.

Be Open to Feedback

Let your employees speak from their point of view. This will be extremely helpful to you because it will let you know what’s working out, and what’s not.

With these efforts, you’ll prevent the high costs of turnover, sourcing, and hiring. Your staff goes above and beyond to give your patients a positive experience, so give them the job experience that they desire! It’s a win-win for everybody!


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Top 5 Job Benefits That Employees Really Care About

Job benefits can make or break a job position. They can have a huge influence on whether a possible applicant applies, whether a candidate takes the job, and whether a current employee stays at their job.  Stay competitive with your benefits in order to attract and retain the very best talent.

Top 5 Job Benefits That Employees Really Care About
Top 5 Job Benefits That Employees Really Care About

We’ve gathered the top five job benefits that employees today care about:

1.) Health Benefits

It’s no surprise that health benefits are at the top of the list. Most people care about their health, especially those in the medical field! Give your employees comprehensive plans with multiple options. Even though some people want family plans, others may not. It’s extremely important to give your employees quality choices, for every price level.

2.) Work-Life Balance

Nowadays, we are expected to work while also balancing family and friend commitments. Facilities that do not give their staff proper work-life balance, are allowing their staff’s motivation to suffer. Working too many hours, too long of shifts, and overexerting oneself at work can lead to burnout.

Burnout leads to more serious conditions and also lowers the amount of positive patient outcomes. Motivate your staff and give them flexibility in their schedule.

3.) Choice of Location

A long, traffic-filled commute every day kills an employee’s motivation. Give your staff the option to switch it up! Offer them the ability to switch facility locations, and float between locations. Working closer to home makes a huge difference in someone’s day.

4.) Assignment Variety

Many nurses and nurse aides want to be exposed to a variety of medical settings. This allows them to get a vast amount of experience, while also eliminating the monotony of working at the same facility every day. Facilities that work with agencies are likely to have a highly motivated staff, because of the constant change of work setting.

5.) Shift Autonomy

What’s more convenient than being able to chose what shift you work? Nurses and nurse aides value being able to request their preferred shifts, and preferred days of the week to work. Listen to your employees and give them a say in their position.

It’s extremely important to take the time and consideration in choosing top notch job benefits. Keep in mind these efforts will help you recruit and retain employees. Show that you’re listening to your staff and making the efforts to accommodate their preferences. You’ll have a happier staff and happier patients!

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