Recruit the Best Healthcare Professionals: A How-To Guide

Healthcare is one of the biggest and most competitive industries today. There are endless amounts of jobs available, and limited amounts of qualified professionals. Because of this, many recruiters can no longer attract, recruit, and retain skilled talent. Have no fear, we’ve put together some industry tips and tricks to help you find the best healthcare professionals that fit your facility’s needs.

Recruit the Best Healthcare Professionals: A How-To Guide
Recruit the Best Healthcare Professionals: A How-To Guide


Keep a Long Term Candidate Pool

Just because a candidate isn’t a perfect match for your facility right now, it doesn’t mean he/she won’t be perfect fit for a future role. Make sure to keep all records of previous stand out candidates. This will allow your candidate pool to constantly grow, and make the sourcing process a little bit easier. The candidate will be thankful that you keep them in mind for future positions.

Modernize Your Pipelines and Sourcing

Are you still using the same old processes to recruit candidates? Technology is changing, and the way your candidates look and apply for jobs is changing with it. Immerse yourself in LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter. These platforms simplify the sourcing and recruiting process. You’re likely to find a larger amount of candidates on these platforms, rather than through old school recruiting processes.

Train Internal Staff

Encourage your internal staff to continuously grow their knowledge and skills! Offer them workshops and discounted certification opportunities. As you know, the higher level opportunities can be more difficult to recruit. Let your internal staff enhance their career by taking that high level position. Now you have an easier task of recruiting for the lower level position. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Utilize Referrals

It’s likely that your current employees know a lot of other people in the healthcare profession! Keep your staff up to date on all of your job openings and encourage them to refer people from their network. Your current employees can act as advocates for your facility.

Streamline the Application Process

No one wants to fill out a lengthy application anymore. Therefore, you must make your application process as streamlined as possible. Get more applicants into your pipeline quicker, and worry about the specific job details later.

Enhance Your Facility’s Brand

Even if you perfect the way you recruit, your facility’s brand or reputation can get in the way. Ensure your facility is collecting positive online reviews, and addressing any negative ones that may arise. Add content to your website that shows nurses why your facility is the best facility to work for! Honor your employees on social media by showing off employees of the month, bonus programs, and reward programs.

Let an Agency Recruit For You

When your facility is understaffed and turnover is high, recruiting can get overwhelming. Reduce recruiting and sourcing costs, and let a staffing company handle your recruiting for you. These agencies have experts in the healthcare industry that can source the very best talent.

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Staffing Techniques to Improve Patient Satisfaction

It’s easy to fall into a rut and use the same staffing techniques over and over again. If your facility’s scheduling system is causing inefficiencies, it’s time to switch it up! Implement these innovative staffing techniques in your facility and both your staff and patients will be happier.

Staffing Techniques to Improve Patient Satisfaction
Staffing Techniques to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Offer Time Management Training

When census is high, your staff feels the burden of not having enough time in their shift to provide adequate care. Time management training offers extremely useful tips and tricks on how to efficiently use small amounts of free time. Your staff will value this training not only in their work lives but in their personal lives as well.

Adapt to Rapid Census Change

Peak periods within the year cause many facilities to be understaffed. Some parts of the year that aren’t as busy cause overstaffing. This is inefficient use of your money and your staff’s time. Get the most for your dollar and create a staffing schedule that adapts to your census. Supplemental staffing is an easy and hassle-free way to adapt to sudden census changes.

Utilize Staffing Reporting

Tracking and reporting your staffing schedule is a great way to keep track of your facility and eliminate human error. Reports can be used to remind your staff to show up to their upcoming shift. In addition, it can show who has worked, how many hours he/she worked, whether he/she showed up late, how much he/she made, etc. Many supplemental staffing companies offer reporting free of charge for partnered facilities.

Listen to Your Staff

Your staff may be able to see inefficiencies in your scheduling process because they have a fresh set of eyes. Be open to their opinions. They are the ones that are experiencing and being affected by your scheduling processes on a day to day basis.

Plan Holidays and Weekends Far in Advance

Nurses and nurse aides deserve days off! Give your staff a huge benefit by letting them know what holidays and weekends they have off far in advance. This prevents call outs and no shows. Your staff will be grateful and you will have one less thing to worry about when scheduling each week.

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6 Facility Activities That Will Spark Patient Satisfaction

High patient satisfaction is vital for any facility to succeed. Having quality care and dedicated staff certainly contributes to patients feeling satisfied. However, it is important to look for unique ways to spark happiness in your residents. Implement these easy and fun activities in your facility to increase patient satisfaction higher than its ever been.

6 Facility Activites That Spark Patient Satisfaction
6 Facility Activities That Spark Patient Satisfaction

1. Therapy Dogs

Dogs really are man’s best friend. Sometimes dogs can offer a certain type of therapy that humans can’t provide. In fact, therapy dogs have been proven to have a therapeutic effect. Hosting a group of therapy dogs can offer patients a break in between family visits and medical attention. There are many different services available for healthcare facilities.

2. Weekly TV Viewings

Give your patients something to look forward to every week. Pick a TV show that is widely popular among patients and host a viewing party every week. Your patients can discuss the show amongst each other and with staff. Make residents feel as if they are back at home on the sofa watching their favorite show.

3. Skill Building Classes

Rekindle your patients’ love for certain hobbies, or spark a new interest. From gardening to music to cooking, there are tons of hobbies that will get patients up and actively thinking. Skill builders are a great way to build patient self-motivation and satisfaction.

4. Create a Dialog

When census is high, it can be hard to connect with every single patient. An easy way to get to know your residents is to implement a dialog activity. Pass out sheets of paper that prompt certain discussion topics such as:
o What are three fun facts about you?
o Where did you grow up?
o Draw a picture of your family tree.
Encourage your patients to participate, and share their responses with other residents, their family, and the nursing staff.

5. Photoshoot

Create an opportunity for patients to bond with their friends and family! Bring in a backdrop and props, and delegate and employee to take photos. Patients smile and make silly faces with their loved ones. As a result, the pictures can be printed and given to everyone in the pictures, as well as posted around your facility.

6. Spin to Win

Establish a sense of excitement in your facility. Patients can come down to the common area and spin a wheel. Each section on the wheel has a delegated prize. Prizes don’t have to be huge, just a little something to show your patients appreciation. Everybody loves winning free things!

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